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The Neolife Difference

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Not all nutrition is created equal. It’s a fact, you cannot get all the nutrition your body needs from the food available today. Learn about the power and difference of whole-food nutrition, backed by science with proven results. Shop NeoLife Now!

And we reward our Club Members with more than just good health. We also offer free products and cash and prizes as you achieve your health goals. Join the Club today to experience a better way of life!

Recorded Webinar - The NeoLife Difference

Hosted by Josh Clark - Vice President of Sales, NeoLife

End the Trend

Help Us End the Trend.

The World Health Organization estimates that by 2020, 3 out of every 4 deaths will be caused by diabetes, heart disease or cancer.
The good news? These are diseases of LIFESTYLE. Together we can end the trend of chronic disease using good nutrition as our weapon of choice.

Real People, Real Stories

Dropped 65 lbs.* and cut over 20 minutes off half-marathon time!

Katrina Ream

Katrina Ream, Women's Fitness Challenge Champion

“I started to gain weight in my 20’s and continued to struggle as the years passed which began to affect my relationships. I didn’t feel like myself, but I’d lost all motivation to improve. I finally began my weight loss journey with NeoLife so my daughter could grow up with the same foundation of good health I had, being a third generation NeoLifer.

I’ve lost 65 lbs.†, 25 inches, 17% body fat and went from wearing a size 16 to a 4. My half marathon time has gone from 2:27:35 to 2:05:38. And my first 5K time was 52:19 and my personal record is now 26:52! NeoLife gives me the energy to keep challenging myself and keep up with my fitness goals. I feel better than I ever have.

Over the last year I coached over 10 runners who all completed their first full marathon! It’s an amazing feeling to help each of them reach the finish line. Even my husband has dropped 40 lbs.† and my little one who just turned 4; runs 1 miles races. NeoLife has changed everything for my entire family!”

Got Ripped

Chase Cochran

Chase Cochran 2016 Men's Fitness Challenge Champion

"My passion has always been serving others, which is why I'm involved in a youth ministry. I experienced first hand that you can’t give to people when you’re in debt. So when I graduated from college, I knew NeoLife was the best way for me to fulfill my purpose.

I joined the Challenge to push myself physically and also to lead by example for my business. I experienced amazing results on the 30-Day Challenge and noticed how my results were inspiring others and motivating them to start using NeoLife! So I stuck with it to show people that NeoLife can help you to ‘Be Your Best’ just as it does for me! I trained for and rowed a half-marathon in 91 minutes, a popular workout at the Cross Fit Games. I also strengthened my core and was able achieve a long time goal of mine - a handstand hold, for 30 seconds! I hit all of my goals with NeoLife and consistent training!

The Challenge has helped me grow mentally and physically! It brought community and support to my life and my training! I want everyone to experience the same health, vitality and quality of life."

Gained 16 lbs. of muscle

Josiah King

Josiah King won $1,000 cash in the Be Your Best Fitness Challenge!

Josiah hit his goal of gaining muscle and won $1,000 cash in the Be Your Best Fitness Challenge!

"After years of being skinny and having an incredibly hard time gaining muscle mass and weight, I have successfully gone from 137 lbs. (Dec. 1st, 2015) to 153 lbs. (March 1st, 2016). A 16 pound increase!

My progress has been amazing, especially since I have tried countless other workout supplements and had hardly any results. I would normally gain just a few pounds a month and I would drop back to 135-140 lbs. It didn't matter what I ate, how many calories, or what supplements I used. However, I now firmly believe my progress is going to stay, since NeoLifeShake provides a high quality protein, plus the Pro Vitality to that supplies 21 vitamins and minerals.

Along with gaining 16 pounds of lean muscle, I even cut my body fat levels 2-3%. I was already very low in body fat but now I can see more definition especially in my abs, obliques, arms and chest. I have even gained tremendous strength and energy. In fact, I went from doing 12 pull-ups in a row before the Challenge, to now 20 in a row!! That’s just one example of many! I feel incredibly blessed to be a part of NeoLife, a company that truly changes lives!"

Marathon Man

Dr. Roger Ogata

Dr. Roger Ogata, Marathon Man

Dr. Roger Ogata, Neolife's Marathon Man, has been taking Tre-en-en® for twenty years. Dr. Ogata reached the age of 71 on January 30th, and in December he completed his tenth marathon. (That’s over 260 miles!)

Starting each day with the Tre-en-en Grain Concentrates in his Performance Pack™, Dr. Ogata is able to maintain his fitness regimen of running 30 miles per week and swimming or biking daily.

Although retired, Dr. Ogata continues to maintain contact with many former patients. One of his favorites is Daiishi, who is 99 years old and is still very active in her community. Daiishi credits Formula IV Plus® with her good health and energy.

"The quality of the Neolife products sets them apart from other supplements," explains Dr. Ogata. "I have patients who at one time stopped using them but after seeing their health and energy deplete, they come back to Neolife!"

A Prescription For Success!

Dr. Andre McDonald

Dr. Andre McDonald

As a medical doctor, Andre McDonald was skeptical when one of his patients showed him a product called Tre-en-en®, saying that it would increase his energy and make him feel better. Like any good scientist, Dr. McDonald began to research Tre-en-en and other Neolife products. "If I am going to use or recommend a product, it has to be both safe and beneficial." Dr. McDonald began taking Tre-en-en himself - and immediately noticed an increase in his energy level! He then began researching the science behind the product and was enormously impressed. "I have never before found a company so willing to provide scientific literature. I can stand before my medical colleagues and quote clinical studies supporting the use of these products. That is very important to me."

Dr. McDonald's experience with Neolife has led to more than improved health. He has bolstered his personal income and found joy in helping many others. "While it took seven years for me to become a medical doctor, it has taken less than three years with Neolife to surpass my monthly salary as a doctor. The Neolife opportunity is non-discriminating. No matter what education or previous work experience someone has, they can experience financial liberation through this opportunity. With Neolife you can choose your own destiny, write your own check - even if you've previously been conditioned to work for others."

Dr. McDonald is also impressed by the fact that this is a business made successful by Distributors helping others to be successful. "In what other business does someone want those they recruit to be more successful than themselves? Everyone is motivated to help others. As a doctor, I have touched the lives of many people over the years, but with Neolife, I can physically, mentally, and financially touch the lives of exponentially more people than I ever could as a doctor."

When asked if the future of his team looks bright, Dr. McDonald responds with Jamaican charm, "Without a shadow of a doubt."

One Step At A Time With Neolife!

June Smelser

June Smelser

Thirty years ago, 57-year old June Smelser was preparing to go for a walk - an 800 mile walk - when a friend recommended some nutritional supplements to help make the three-month expedition a little easier. So with Formula IV®, All-C, Neo-Cal, and Super Ease® protein powder in tow, June began her journey along the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Oregon - and she never looked back.

Impressed with the products along the way, June returned home and immediately became a Neolife Distributor and avid product user. Her choice of products has evolved over the years, and today - at age 87 - June takes Performance Pack, Cal-Mag®, Salmon Oil Plus™ , and the GR2 Control® protein shakes. "I'm my own best customer," she quips. "I certainly don't need to lose weight, but I drink the GR2 protein shakes every day because they just taste good! I know that the Neolife products have helped me stay active - even at 87!"

Is this 87-year old grandmother still going for walks? You bet! For the past seven years, June and her team have participated in the Portland to Coast Walking Relay, a 128-mile relay race. June walked two six-mile legs at the most recent event and was the oldest walker in the race!

Lost 70 Pounds!*

Suzanne Forster

Suzanne Forster

I am 70 pounds+ lighter ... and I love my life!

For 2 years I worked on my mind, body and soul and a big part of that was NeoLife. I decided to find my passion in life and wanted more energy, clarity and happiness, and did this by focusing on what I put into my body - NeoLifeShake, Salmon Oil Plus, Formula IV, Cal Mag Complex and Super B! NeoLife nutritionals nourishes my cells and my mind.

I am now 70 pounds lighter, have an energy that just won’t quit - and I love my life!! I had such success with NeoLife I'm now a NeoLife Promoter so I can share what I truly believe in.

Natural Body Building Competitor

CJ Daniels-Fordyce

CJ Daniels-Fordyce Natural Body Building Competitor

"I started using Neolife products in the late 1980s and they have been staples in my supplement regimen ever since. I take PhytoDefense, Formula IV, Aloe Vera Plus, and Super-B each day. These core items keep my immune system functioning at 100% while I am training for bodybuilding competitions. I trust Neolife because all of their products are backed up by scientific research and I know the products are natural. In order to train hard I have to make sure my body recovers and these products help me do just that!

I'm a 52 year old female drug-free natural body building competitor and I include the Neolife products into my daily regimen. In 2010, I decided to train for Figure competitions and won a first place Figure professional card (pro card) in the 2010 INBF Southern Natural Show (Macon, GA) in my first year of competing. I've received my NGA Georgia Women Bodybuilding Pro card in September 2013. Overall, winning the Women’s Bodybuilding category was such an amazing experience.

I am 100% natural competitor and do not use any performing enhancing drugs but include Neolife supplements. The only thing in my arsenal is hard work, diet, and dedication and of course Neolife supplements are the key to my successes. It fuels my fire to continue on and accomplish other feats but cannot meet the challenges without my Neolife."

More about athletes powered by NeoLife ...

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*Results are not typical. In an open label clinical study participants lost an average of 5.27 lbs. over a 12 week period.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products mentioned above are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.