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Paul Uhl, The Green Team

Hi, I'm Paul Uhl, a health and fitness enthusiast, lifestyle coach, network marketing business trainer, and independent distributor of NeoLife products.

Since 1985, I have been working with my team of business associates in major cities throughout the United States. Together, we provide solutions for our customers with technology, tools, resources, products, and services for personal and business success as Neolife distributors.

Personally, I am also into travel, personal development, internet marketing, and teaching others how to build their home-based business in the most leveraged way possible to get results quickly.

The key to success in any business is to have products or services that actually fulfill a need; that brings value for the people who will be using them. Simply put, if you do not have a competitive advantage, or unique selling position, you have a very slim chance of succeeding no matter how much time, effort, and money you put into your dream.

One of the most common examples of a competitive advantage is the "best value" advantage. If you can profitably offer your customers a better value than the competition, that is a good position indeed. But if your only advantage is having the lowest price without real consideration for quality or value, then it will be very difficult to maintain a significant presence in the rapidly changing global economy.

Most people really want value for their money. So providing points of fulfilling real needs, uncompromising high quality, guaranteed satisfaction, and customer service, you will have the big advantage for a thriving and successful business.

Join me and subscribe to our free newsletter go herehere for powerful tips and techniques from me and other professionals in the MLM industry. We'll show you how you can maximize your potential for personal health and business success.

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